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Our members are passionate choral singers, conductors, teachers, choirs, and organizations who know that choral music is a lifelong joy!

Becoming a BCCF Member

Memberships are available for both individuals and choirs. Click here to learn how to become a member!

Member Resources

Here are some of the great resources available to you, our members.

For Singers

Find A Choir – Looking to join a choir? There are three easy ways to find one that’s right for you:

Vocal Self-Help Guide – We offer a discounted price of $25 (plus shipping and handling) for Linda Rammage’s book, “Vocalizing With Ease”. Click the link to read about the book, and contact to order.

For Choirs and Organizations


Choral Concert Calendar – Promote your choir’s concerts by adding them to our concert calendar.

Classifieds – Hosting auditions? Offering employment? Have something for sale? This is the place to go. Member choirs may upload a complimentary classified ad by completing the form on the Classifieds page.

Banner Photo – Want to be featured on this site? Join the rotating banner photos of our member choirs, which are displayed in a cycle as people visit. Send your best choir photo to to add it to the rotation. Photos must be high-resolution and in landscape orientation, sized to 1100px by 242px.

BCCF Logo – Use our logo to let your audience know that you’re a BCCF member! Suitable for concert programs, websites, or other media. Download the logo as a JPG, PDF, or GIF image.


Choral Works By BC Composers – Explore this survey undertaken in 2004 in collaboration with ACCC, CMC, and CMEA, and under the management of Inez St Dennis & Moira Szabo.

Virtual Library – Member choirs can borrow scores from the BCCF library, free of charge. In addition, we encourage our choirs to list their own libraries in our choral database.


Member choirs can participate in BCCF fundraising opportunities – contact the BCCF Project Manager for details!