About Us

Choral music – a lifelong joy!

It’s not just a slogan, it’s an enthusiasm for singing that spans all ages! We are a non-profit gathering place for many choristers, musicians, directors, and teachers who strive to make British Columbia a better place through choral singing.

Our efforts include educational events and workshops, including our annual flagship event, Chorfest, where up to 400 singers take the stage at once! We also offer many online resources to help our community connect and promote their events, such as our Choral Concert Calendar. Through our events and communications tools, we promote excellence in choral musicianship and emphasize the value of choral community in all regions of BC.

Our Board of Directors represents all regions of the province, and activities in all age groups.

The BCCF’s overall mandate is to:

  • Promote & encourage choral activity throughout British Columbia
  • Strengthen public and governmental awareness of choral plans and achievements
  • Serve as a communication resource for everyone involved

Want to get involved? Become a member of BC’s largest choral community!