Board of Directors

The BCCF is a provincial organization with board representatives in communities throughout BC.

Individual Directors are responsible for working with their regional choirs to

  1. Promote & encourage choral activity
  2. Strengthen public and governmental awareness of choral plans and achievements
  3. Serve as a communication resource for everyone involved

Directors are elected through a nomination-system, requiring 3 signatures and voted on at the AGM held at Chorfest each May. Here is the Nomination Form for the 2017 AGM.

For more information on how you can become involved, please contact the Executive Director. Here is some information about what we expect from our regional representatives.

We welcome the assistance of local musicians to form regional councils that will foster choral activities. Please contact our Executive Director to get involved.

Board members may apply for expenses covering their duties HERE.  If there are any questions about what is allowed, please contact the BCCF office.



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