CDC 2018

“It was the best possible Pro-D ever! The Choral Directorship Course was the best Pro-D I’ve ever done and I think the best I ever will do. […] We worked hard but it was so worth it – you will have your world changed in a very good way!”

-Vanessa Toews, graduate of the 2013 Choral Directorship Course

Looking to improve your conducting skills in a fun and supportive environment? The BCCF’s Choral Directorship Course is the perfect Pro D gem for music teachers and directors of community, church, and children’s choirs! This week-long Course is held annually in August. It focuses on children’s and mixed-voice choirs in alternating years.

What Will I Get From the Course?

The Choral Directorship Course offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to gain practical conducting skills that you can use right away! Our graduates finish the Course with new knowledge that creates confidence in leading rehearsals, and long-term planning techniques for their class or ensemble. The effects of this course will last a long time!

Past clinicians include skilled choral musicians Fiona Blackburn, Sandra Meister, and Sarona Mynhardt. The week of interactive workshops include instruction on topics like:

  • basic vocal physiology
  • appropriate ranges for different age groups
  • breath support and techniques for developing that support
  • choosing appropriate repertoire
  • singing in parts – canons, partner songs, two-part repertoire
  • the role of the accompanist
  • organizing for the choir (short-term and long-term)
  • what to do in the first rehearsal
  • making rehearsals “fun”, productive and musically successful
  • getting the whole body involved
  • useful (but simple) conducting gestures
  • and more!

“The question is not if there is anything I can take back and apply to my situation, but rather how much can I use!”

“What a fantastic experience. The staff was awesome, professional, knowledgeable and FUN! Course content was relevant and very helpful, especially for the untrained participant (me!).”

-Past participants

Financial Assistance

Is cost a factor for you? Thanks to a generous sponsor, scholarships for tuition and bursaries for travel expense may be available to BC registrants. Scholarships for tuition cost may also be available for out-of-province participants. All requests are considered individually.

For more information about financial assistance, contact the BCCF Project Manager. We also recommend that applicants apply as soon as possible to their school, choir, or other potential sources of funding for help.

Vancouver — August 17-21, 2018

Victoria — August 28-30, 2018